Dorot Ilit – The New Hasidic City at the Heart of Israel

Lands for sale – how to make the right choice?

Purchasing a property is, without a doubt, one of the best and most worthwhile ways to invest your funds. Whether you are interested in an investment property or a housing property, it is highly important to make sure to make a wise and profitable decision.

So, what is a profitable asset? A profitable asset is an asset that produces a passive income that surpasses its purchase price. Meaning, a property that will produce a profit when you decide to sell it.

How can you make sure you are purchasing a profitable asset? We are here to help you with this question.


The first step: choosing the right property

There are two kinds of profitable assets in Israel:

A commercial asset – a property that is meant to be used for commercial, industrial, or office purposes. A high rental price tag usually accompanies commercial assets compared to their purchase price, which is why they are considered as profitable assets.

Residential property – a property that is intended to be used for residential purposes, like an apartment or a private house. Compared to a commercial asset, a residential asset is considered as a better investment thanks to the high demand for housing properties. So, purchasing a residential asset is the more stable and profitable type of asset of the two.

While a residential asset is more profitable than a commercial asset, not every property that is intended for residential purposes is worthwhile. To make sure you are making the best and most profitable asset, you need to start from the ground up – literally; the most affordable and worthwhile assets are the ones that have not been built yet. The best deal you can make is to purchase land that is intended for residential purposes.

Surveying land that is on the market, and choosing a good piece of property, will guarantee a maximum yield in the short and long run. When it comes to Israel, farmland produces the highest yield, and now you can learn about the unique properties of such land.

The Advantages of Purchasing Farmland in Israel

Farmland in Israelis far more affordable and worthwhile than land that is intended for property development. Farmland that has been thawed, meaning it has been approved for development, is worth more than its initial price. So, investing in Israeli farmland means that it will be worth much more once it is thawed.

When purchasing farmland, you need to make sure it privately owned, and that it is not at the hands of the Israel Land Authority. Why? Because the ladder could be demanded back by the Israeli government when it is necessary.

So, the best choice is purchasing privately owned farmland in Israel.

Other Parameters You Need to Consider When Investing in Land

Aside from buying land that will increase in value and will remain in your possession, you need to consider the following:

Location, location, location – to make sure renters will be interested in your property, or that you will have access to prime locations, you need to purchase land in a central location. In Israel, Gush Dan (the area where Tel Aviv city is located) is at the center of the country, and it has the most sought-after land in Israel. Accordingly, real estate prices in Gush Dan are very high. Luckily, the unique Dorot Ilit project offers land at amazing and one of a lifetime process we will later discuss.

The real estate development country in charge of the project – there are many real estate companies that offer great things, but, do not live up to their promises. The real estate branch in Israel is full of stories about entrepreneurs and real estate developers that have encountered problems on the way to developing projects but ended up failing and causing people to lose money.

This happens because of the difficulties in thawing farmland in Israel, so it is vital to choose an experienced real estate company that has projects that are in advanced stages in every aspect.

And don’t forget the mitzvot – aside from choosing the right piece of land in Israel that is under development, purchasing land in the country is a great mitzvah. By buying Israeli land, you are guaranteeing that the holy land remains in Jewish hands.

It is a privilege to own land in Israel, and those who purchase property in the country are lucky enough to be performing the Orlah, Trumot, Maasrot, Leket, Shikcha, Peah, and Shmita mitzvot.

Fulfilling the Mitzvot in the Best Possible Way

Finding land that answers all the criteria for a profitable property seems impossible, but a unique project at the heart of Israel is now a real possibility. Dorot Ilit, a project that is well on its way, is currently in development at the eastern area of Gush Dan.

The unique project is developed on farmland that will soon be thawed for residential purposes. Dorot Ilit, the new Hasidic city, will overlook Gush Dan, and it is a short drive away from central cities, like Tel Aviv, Petah Tikvah, Bnei Brak, and more.

In the next 5 year, Dorot Ilit will develop in full force, with thousands of apartments for Hasidic families. The cost of the amazing project, that has been approved by the Israeli housing minister, is 155,000 NIS per 100 sq. meters (approximately $138,000 per 300 sq. feet) – a price that will soon rise.

The quality project allows investors to buy land in Israel for residential or investment purposes. Dorot Ilit is managed by an experienced and professional real estate development company that oversees every step and will accompany you in every step of the way.

So, if you want to be a part of the holy land’s future, there is no time like the present; invest in Dorot Ilit and fulfill the Yishuv Haaretz Mitzvah for generations to come.

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