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Dorot Illit

Afikim Rosenthaler was chosen to market the project, and will also serve as the management company for the planning stages and rezoning of the land. Its rich experience of more than 30 years in developing and constructing many projects around the country guarantees, b’ezras Hashem, the success of the new city.

The company has completed a long list of successful projects in the field of rezoning land and construction: rezoning a large piece of land in Petach Tikva, marketing in Elad, and development in Tzefas. It has developed the Avnei Hachoshen project in Beitar Illit, which has received construction permits and bank securities, and the Peninat Hareches project in the town of Tzur Hadassah, which is nearing completion. In addition, the company has accumulated extensive experience in marketing real estate to the chareidi sector, such as the Ganei Hadar neighborhood in Petach Tikva, and the marketing of thousands of apartments in Bnei Brak and surrounding areas.

Only recently, Afikim Rosenthaler completed the successful marketing of 700 units of land in Givat Zev, and is successfully advancing their rezoning. Concurrent planning is in the advanced stages. Hundreds of customers have expressed their satisfaction with this investment, as it is meeting the timetable for the rezoning projected by professionals some time ago.


Standing behind Dorot Illit is an experienced, professional team, a leading planning company, comprehensive legal advice and extensive contacts with government entities in Israel and abroad.

Advancing planning with relevant authorities: Yechior Company

Profile: Yechior was established in 2008 by Moshe Yechiel – who serves as the director of regional development, employment and industry for the Shomron Regional Council.

Projects planned by the company or are in the advanced stages of planning include:

Karnei Shomron : 1000 dunams, around 1500 housing units in buildings

Alfei Menashe: 1000 dunams, of which 800 are for residential space with 2400 units, and 200 dunams are for an industrial park, high-tech towers, commercial space and public buildings.

Shaar Hashomron Employment Project: Located in the area of the councils of Oranit, Elkanah and the Shomron Regional Council, the plans call for 3,000 dunams for employment, commerce and education institutions.

The planning team at Yechior:

Architect Yoram Raz has planned Eitz Ephraim B, in addition to urban master plans (Taba) in Ashdod, Tel Aviv and more places.

Landuse –Traffic and Road Planning: A veteran company with extensive experience in Yehudah and Shomron. The company planned most of the roads in the Shomron.

Shai Alon, landscape architect. A lecturer at the College of Management Academic Studies.

Legal Accompaniment: Attorney Doron Nir-Tzvi

Profile: Attorney Doron Nir-Tzvi served as a commander in the Golani Brigade. He also spent several months serving as a brigade commander during a Defense Ministry military project in the Congo.

Since 1998, he has served as the lawyer for the Land Redemption Fund, the Jewish settlement in Chevron, and other right wing groups, towns and outposts in Yehudah and Shomron. He specializes in land related laws, contracts and civilian law, and primarily in the laws of redeeming land in Yehudah and Shomron. He initiated the establishment of the town of Chavat Yair in the Shomron.

Attorney Doron Nir-Tzvi is responsible for the registration of 2,300 dunams throughout Yehudah and Shomron, upon which, over the years, thousands of housing units were constructed. In addition, he has accompanied dozens of purchase groups with thousands of units that are constructed throughout Yehudah and Shomron.

Attorney Nir Tzvi provides legal accompaniment throughout the purchase and rights registration process, and professionally accompanies the planning entities with regard to all the relevant authorities and institutions.

Financial Advice and Accompaniment: Steinmetz Aminach and Co. CPA Firm

Profile: Steinmetz Aminach and Co. – A CPA office established in 1987. Some 275 people are employed by the company, among them 110 CPAs. Steinmetz Aminach and Co. is part of an international chain called UHY, which is an independent network of accounting and consulting firms around the world, with 300 offices in 99 countries. The network prioritized uncompromising quality of service and integrity. Today, the network is ranked among the 20 largest accounting networks in the world.

Steinmentz Aminach is providing constant and personal accompaniment for all the financial procedures involved in establishing Dorot Illit. We have selected them because of their professionalism and their broad knowledge as one of the largest accounting firms in Israel that serves some of the country’s biggest commercial entities.