About the Project

Dorot Illit is private agricultural land in the process of being rezoned and in the planning stages. The project is being advanced by professional management company, which has many years of experience in advancing the planning of agricultural land. The management team has already begun working to realize the vision of the new city.

The revolutionary plan has received the full support from all the relevant government authorities:

  • A cabinet decision from 30 years ago to rezone the land for construction of a city
  • A decision by the Shomron Regional Council to designate the land for a chareidi city and the vigorous advancement towards this end by the Chairman of the Regional Council, Yossi Dagan
  • Government assistance from Housing Minister Yoav Galant, as part of the “Eastern Dan Region” vision
  • Widespread support of the representatives of the chareidi public such as former Deputy Housing Minister Rabbi Meir Porush, former Bnei Brak Mayor Rabbi Yaakov Asher and others.

Dorot Illit is advancing by leaps and bounds and this is your opportunity for an investment that will ultimately yield an apartment in the center of the country for you or one of your children, at an unprecedented price!

The location of the new city was selected after the developer took many different factors into consideration.

Dorot Illit is located in the eastern Dan Region, on the first hilltop range in the Shomron, overlooking the Dan Region. It is just 15 minutes from the Morashah Junction. The residents of the new city will enjoy close proximity to cities in the center, and the ability to rapidly reach any one of the nearby chareidi cities, such as Elad, Petach Tikva, Bnei Brak, and others.

The trip to the site is short and safe. A few minutes from Petach Tikva, the road reaches the row of hilltops upon which the new chareidi city is expected to be built. The sense you get from the drive is that you are in the middle of the Dan Region; it is close by and there are Jewish towns along the entire route of the short ride.

Alongside Dorot Illit, the local authorities and the Israel Lands Administration are planning a large, 3,000 dunam project for industry and commercial space, which will provide employment opportunities for the chareidi community who live nearby. In addition, the residents of the city will enjoy breathtaking hillside views of the Shomron expanse, with clear air and a tranquil atmosphere.

Dorot Illit will be populated by the cream of the crop of chareidi Jewry. High quality families from across the spectrum will live in unity and harmony, with an emphasis on a pronounced chareidi character.