Owning a Land in Israel – the Road to Substantial Profit

Investing in land and property has long been a sure-fire way to gain a profit, and enjoy a passive income. However, the changing realty landscape in the past two decades has made it difficult to purchase land that guarantees a profit, especially in Israel. Thanks to new reforms and standards in Israeli realty laws, investors can now purchase land that will double and even triple in worth in several years.

Farmland – the Best Land for Guaranteed Profit

Israel has several types of land for sale, with farmland being the most worthwhile investment; this type of land area sells for a low price, and as soon it is “thawed”, meaning approved for development, its worth increases tremendously.

In the city of Rehovot, farmland was sold for the low price of 132,000 ILS (approximately $37,000) per 1/4 acre in 2007. After getting approval for development, the same piece of land was sold for 250,000 ILS, or $70,000 – nearly twice more than its original price.

In 2002, the Pershkowski investment and development company purchased farmland for 38 million ILS (approximately $10.7 million). 9 years later, the land was thawed for development, and the company sold it for 105 million ILS, or $29.6 million. The deal was brokered at a profit of 175%, proving once again the value of farmland in Israel.

Farmland in Israel – the Flipside of the Coin

The deals mentioned previously are merely two examples of the great worth of farmland in Israel. While it is tempting to purchase “frozen” farmland as an investment, one must be certain who they are dealing with; aside from success stories, there have also been cases of fraud -where investors were assured they are purchasing a land that will soon be thawed.

To their dismay, the investors realized that they were conned to purchase farmland that will not be developed any time soon, like with the case of the “Adama” company. To protect investors from falling victim to similar cons, the state of Israel Land Appraisal Department has issued “Standard 22”; according to the standard, there must be full disclosure between realty companies and investors; with land that is not intended for present development, realtors must provide investors with full information about the chances of the land being thawed for development.

So, farmland remains a solid investment opportunity but investors must be certain that they are working with a reputable, reliable, and experienced realty company.

Investing Wisely in Israel Farmland

The price of Israeli land increases as the years go by, which is why many people seek for investment opportunities while the prices are still low. These days, one of the most worth-while farmland investment opportunities lies at the heart of Israel – in the Gush Dan area; Dorot Illit is an exclusive realty project that presents a wonderful investment opportunity for the low price of 155,000 ILS per 100Sqm ($46,000 per 100sq. ft).

The beautiful farmland, that oversees central cities from the top of a hill, is in the process of getting thawed and developed. The project will boast thousands of apartments that will be quickly purchased by those who seek a home in a central area.

The unique project is developed by the Afikim Rosenthaler company that has over 30 years of experience in realty under its belt. With numerous successful projects completed in Jerusalem, Tzur Hadassah, Petah Tikava, and other cities in Israel, Afikim Rosenthaler is spearheading what will be one of the most profitable realty projects in the 21st century.

The land in Dorot Illit is selling fast, and you can strike while the iron is hot. Join the project, and become a land owner in a sought-after area of Israel.


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