Projected Yields

Projected Yields

Purchasing agricultural land that is designated to be rezoned for construction is currently the best and cheapest solution to be able to acquire an apartment in a chareidi community. This is a real opportunity to purchase land that is not available for immediate construction, but is planned for rezoning in the coming years, at a quarter of the price that land that is currently zoned for construction is worth. This way, the buyers can benefit from a rise in the value of the land in a few years time, a rise that is estimated to be hundreds of percent.


Purchasing land is considered a secure investment in light of the solid fact that the value of land is always rising, even if permits are delayed. That is because land prices are directly influenced by the value of real estate in the region. Thus, the value of land rises steadily at the same rate as any other real estate investment. In addition, buyers benefit from the rise in value at each stage of progress in the planning, even before the final approvals.


Afikim Rosenthaler is offering you to purchase agricultural land (100 meters) in the new city of Dorot Illit, at an investment of NIS 85,000 (not including lawyers’ fees, taxes and various fees). The projected cost of a four room apartment in the new city, including the land, is estimated to be just NIS 720,000.


This is an unprecedented investment with the best possible guarantees!

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